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Ferla Mohair, is a leading mohair and wool tops manufacturer in Turkey. The company has a deep rooted history and focuses on quality in manufacturing.

Gülümser Yıldırım who has worked in textile sector for long time went to Anatolia for a touristic trip. In a small village she stopped and saw that women are bending mohair by hands, make yarn, dyeing it and create products that are used in daily life. She was affected from this picture and started to search the history of Angora Goat. The breeding of Angora Goat that had been brought to Anatolia by our ancestors and provided added value to our economy for a long time has gradually decreased in Turkey. Also textile plants in Turkey manufactured tops only to meet their raw material needs and there were no company that had expertise on this business so she decided to cover this deficit in the sector. With her husband, she started to manufacture mohair tops and introduced the disappearing Turkish mohair to the world again.

Why Turkish Mohair?

Angora goat is assumed to have been existed for over 3000 years. It is believed that with natural genetic mutation the hair structure of the goat flock brought from Turkmenistan has changed. This mutation creates slightness, softness, brightness and differentiation in length of the goat hair. This goat species that gets its name from Ankara and enters into literature as Angora Goat can be raised easily in different regions of Anatolia. Ankara, Konya, Kastamonu, Eskisehir, Çankiri, Afyon, Çorum, Bolu, Yozgat and Kütahya are the places that Angora goat is raised densely. The most qualitative ones are those who are in Ankara and Beypazari. Anatolia, has a cold and snowy weather in winters and dry air in summers, have the most suitable weather conditions for Angora goat to be raised. The most important feature of mohair produced in Turkey is its length. In Turkey, shearing is done once a year and this makes Turkish mohair different from other countries mohair that are usually sheared twice a year. Anatolian territory has highlands and convenient climate for such a species to be raised. Therefore, Turkish mohair is very bright and has a tough structure.


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Mohair is trendy fiber that can be used in every season. Its texture keep heat in cold weather and its dashy and light structure enable taking air for the body in warm days. It is a very precious raw material for international market and a competitive product for textile industries around the world. Mohair is suitable for dyeing since it is bright and white. It offers infinite fabric structure since it can be used as single or mixed. Especially in tricot production, it is quietly in demand. Because it is flame resistant and has high absorption it can be used for decorative fabric production.


Mohair Tops

White mohair tops is ready for dyeing and twisting for use of knitting and weaving.

Thickness: 27-33 micron
Lenght: 80-101 mm


Scoured Mohair

Washed raw mohair is ready for combing.


Wool Tops

White wool tops is ready for dyeing and twisting for use of knitting and weaving.

Thickness: 25-33 micron
Lenght: 75-95 mm


Scoured Wool

Washed raw wool is ready for combing.


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